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About Steelmate USA
Steelmate USA™ is the formation of a company to exclusively supply the parking assist systems and accessories from the world's largest supplier, Steelmate China. With a broad selection of parking assist systems, Steelmate USA™ is perfectly positioned to meet the specific needs of the USA. With more than 18 years of manufacturing and R&D knowledge, and experience in large volume production, the Steelmate product meets all of the needs for complete parking assist systems.

Steelmate USA™ has also expanded its offerings to include the iPARK® series of Interface Modules, Cameras, and Monitors. The overall product mix of more than 50 SKUs covers all applications from basic, beeper-only systems, all the way up to the top models, which include video overlay - with cameras that combine the parking sensor data with the visual image from the camera, that can be combined with the factory Navigation unit to create the ultimate in parking assist systems.